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Fairs of Faith and Light communities in Moscow

Why we organize fairs?


Russian communities "Faith and Light" have a tradition - every year in the middle of December we organize a Christmas fair. It is always noisy, funny and there are a lot of festivities.


Our guests spend several hours with us - watching our films, performances, playing board games, dancing, playing folklore games, listening to the live music, having tea with homemade sweets in a buffet, choosing books, surprises and gifts. 


The "Faith and Light" fairs are famous for their beauty, hand-made design and very emotional atmosphere. We know that many people are waiting for this event for a year, but for someone, this is the first-ever evening with special people and their families.


All communities do something for the fair with their own hands: they knit, paint mugs, invent Christmas decorations, make art-soap, make gingerbread houses of candy and many other incredible objects. 

We prepare all this for our guests in exchange for donations. Usually, all communities go to summer camps or pilgrimages during the year, and thanks to these donations, even the most financially vulnerable families can travel with everyone. 

Thank you for being with us year after year! And those who have not been - come to visit us!

Ярмарки прошлых лет
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