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The Crumb community (since 1995)

Our life
Photo Albums
How The Crumb came to be

Our community sprang for Friday community in the mid-1990s. Our birthday is on May 17.

It happened this way. We were sitting in Pirogovskaya school, the usual place of our meetings. Kira said, "I'll go to a new community". But I only shook my head. Then Kira asked me why I shook my head. And I answered, "I'll go to the new community too and I will be helping around." On the 17th of May 1995 we came out of Friday community. There were Ira Khazanova,, I, Dima Aksenov with his and Valia, Olga Gurevitch, Kira, Liza Beznosova, Vadik Sanotskiy, Ярутшф Karotaeva and Roma. 

Our community likes playing boardgames, sharing, walking, and go to summer camps. 

We sing songs, for example, Laudate Si, Mary the quiet light,  On a Boat with Christ, John, Jacob, Peter are fishing. The name for our community was thought up by Vasia Kruchenitskiy. That's how our community came to be The Crumb; before it we had not been recognized.


In Memoriam to our friends


Liza Beznosova

Михасс Санадзе ​

Community meeting 14.12.2017

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